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IRCA QMS Auditor / Lead Auditor Training Course

IRCA QMS Auditor / Lead Auditor Training Course


Whether you have been registered to ISO 9001, or beginning to work on your system, this is a course that you will need. It will ensure your continuing success with your QMS as you start thinking about the new revision of ISO 9000.

This course provides an understanding of auditing quality management systems. You will learn to foster and build on the skills, conduct and roles required of a professional auditor. In addition, you will learn to structure, plan and time an effective audit, and to evaluate and communicate the audit finding. The certification examination is conducted during the last day of class.


Anyone responsible for leading the audit, satisfying the training requirements for becoming a certified Lead Auditor, or anyone interested in being educated with the most comprehensive course on ISO 9000 auditing technique.


Before starting this course, all students are expected to have the following prior knowledge:


At the end of this course, the participant will be able to: