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Supplier & 2nd Party Audit

Supplier & 2nd Party Audit


Tailored to your requirements, our experts will assess your processes and those of your suppliers' systems – with a view to quality and safety in the food industry.

Get Your Supply Chain under Control - with Supplier Audits

If there's one thing you need to protect, then your company's reputation. Relationships with suppliers depend on detailed contracts. But, more importantly, on trust. Auditing your suppliers gives you the assurance you need. Which is why we offers cross-sector, 2nd party audits for corporate social responsibility concerns. To help you set clear signals against child labor, low wages, and workplace discrimination. As experts in the field of food standards, we also specialize in supplier auditing for quality and safety in the food industry.

Benefits at a Glance

A 2nd party audit by enables you to:

  • Protect yourself proactively against any form of damage to your image by third parties

  • Implement a tool for assessing your suppliers and supply chain management

  • Boost the credibility and image of your company

  • Create a sound basis for an open dialogue with consumers, no matter how critical

  • Benefit from our international network of more than 1,000 auditors in 60 countries